Off leash dog training

( following footage is done by a professional please do not copy off leash as an amateur)

360 virtual reality glasses Video, Dog Training with Tiger Tiberius recharging 13 commands, Enjoying our Sunday at McDonald Park in Forest Hills, were you can also shop at The Organic Market by the post office….

Commands Practiced are in Advanced distractions( squirrels, pigeons, people, kids, other dogs are:
1) off leash
2) Heeling
3) Heel between legs
4) sit
5) down
6) stand
7) come
8.) stay
9) Forward ( to organge cone)
10) sit from a distance ( distance creates frustration in dogs)
11) down from a distance
12) here
13) stop in motion

YouTube:Dog Walker Rob
InstaGram:Rawk9food – Dog Service

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