Dog Walking

RawK9food Dog Walking

A private dog walking service exclusive to Forest Hills Gardens

Why Choose Us?

Robert Rodriguez is certified with the AKC as an Evaluator, and is a active member in dog sports, RawK9food is a dog walking,Holistic pet food, advanced training service based in Forest Hills Gardens. We can guarantee the happiness and safety of your pets while in our care. We would love to provide our neighborhood and the surrounding area a personal and family-like service. We believe in daily social walks for a dog’s mental and physical health. We strictly believe in balanced reinforcement methods to develop and adjust dog behavior. We are currently accepting clients who need 3 or more walks a week in Forest Hills Gardens, Queens New York City. We are available for dog walking immediately.

Scheduling Info

  • 30 – 40 min Group Walks 5 days per week or less: $15
  • Holidays: $25
  • All dog walks are scheduled, and one week’s notice must be given
  • Dog servicing hours are from 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday
  • Multiple dog discount available

(8/08/2018 updated)ACCEPTING  New Dog Walking Clients, Give us a call 347- 762 -7743
Raw dog food, Training,& Info services

Dog Walking Service Area

RawK9food’s dog walking service is available to residents of Forest Hills Gardens.

rawk9food dog walking service area

Our Policies

  1. All dogs must be in general good health, free of communicable diseases.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse aggressive dogs that cannot be assimilated into group walks.
  3. We do not offer our Dog Walking services on the weekends except to existing clients and by special arrangements only.
  4. We do not accept short term out of town clients for any of our services.
  5. We reserve the right to meet any new clients prior to commencing services. This consultation appointment is free of charge and gives us the opportunity to meet yourself and your dog, go over any care and service details, as well as complete the formalities. We schedule our consultation appointments in your home during weekday evenings.
  6. The safety and happiness of existing clients is always our priority and as such we reserve the right to refuse services at any time to a client whose dog does not meet our criteria for good conduct.
  7. We specialize in walking with positive reinforcement training
  8. Pick-ups, drop-offs, socialization, feeding fresh water is all inclusive.