raw food

raw food refers to feeding pets a species appropriate diet, consisting of raw meat as that is what they have naturally eaten in the wild and as their digestive track is designed to eat raw meats.

The Harm of Carbohydrates in Dry Dog Food 5

The Canine anatomy is designed to handle raw meat, the complete opposite of what dry dog foods provide. As a result dogs are desperately malnutritioned and subject to a host of chronic health problems and a shortened life-span. So what exactly is dry pet food? Dry food is essentially cooked dead plants, […]

Raw Facts – The Canine Care Blog 4

Welcome to Raw Facts! Our blog dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest research and trends in dog nutrition, training, and health. Raw Facts is meant to be a scientific inquiry into the health benefits of feeding a dog an all natural raw food diet. We will ask questions about […]

Are Food Bowls Bad for Dogs? 17

You can find some debate as to whether food bowls should be made of plastic, ceramic, or metal and you can also find discussion on the topic of raised versus floor level feeders but there seems to be no discussion as to whether food bowls, in general, are harmful to […]

The Canine Jaw & Digestive Tract: Designed for Raw Meat 125

Dry food companies have brainwashed the public into thinking dogs eat what humans eat. This is where the dietary abuse starts and the evil begins.  Going back to the basics, the domestic dogs’ skull is designed with all sharp teeth, with no ability to move its jaw side to side, […]