Raw Facts – The Canine Care Blog 4

Welcome to Raw Facts! Our blog dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest research and trends in dog nutrition, training, and health. Raw Facts is meant to be a scientific inquiry into the health benefits of feeding a dog an all natural raw food diet. We will ask questions about […]

A Guide to Getting Your First Pet on a Budget 1

Photo via Pexels cheapest pets Written by Jessica Brody of A Guide to Getting Your First Pet on a Budget Pet ownership has many benefits: companionship, comfort, contentment, cuddles. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is the expense. Owning a pet is not cheap, and no one should undertake […]

Off leash dog training

( following footage is done by a professional please do not copy off leash as an amateur) 360 virtual reality glasses Video, Dog Training with Tiger Tiberius recharging 13 commands, Enjoying our Sunday at McDonald Park in Forest Hills, were you can also shop at The Organic Market by the […]

New YouTube Channel: Dog Walker Rob

Please subscribe to our new channel YouTube: Dog Walker Rob This channel will strive to provide smiles, using dogs to bring joy to peoples lives and use positive words to encourage everyone to enjoy life. Its my pleasure to provide you all with great content. Have a blessed day.

Rain Date in Effect, Sunday

** Rain date in effect. Event will be Sunday 24th (CGC)10am -11am test sign up, 11:30 program starts, live dog obedience demonstrations before CGC test starts. *** On behalf of the American Kennel Club we invite all dog owners of Queens, NY to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test […]

Canine Good Citizen Test June 23rd Saturday 2018

American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test at The Forest Park Barking Lot Summer Puppalooza Saturday, June 23rd 10am-4pm (Rain Date June 24th). Sign-up for test 10am-11am, tests given 11:30am-1pm only! At The Forest Park Barking Lot 80-30 Park Lane 11415 (Behind The Overlook – Queens Department of Parks […]

The Harm of Carbohydrates in Dry Dog Food 5

The Canine anatomy is designed to handle raw meat, the complete opposite of what dry dog foods provide. As a result dogs are desperately┬ámalnutritioned and subject to a host of chronic┬áhealth problems and a shortened life-span. So what exactly is dry pet food? Dry food is essentially cooked dead plants, […]

Are Food Bowls Bad for Dogs? 17

You can find some debate as to whether food bowls should be made of plastic, ceramic, or metal and you can also find discussion on the topic of raised versus floor level feeders but there seems to be no discussion as to whether food bowls, in general, are harmful to […]