All Natural Species Appropriate Dog Food

RawK9Food’s purpose is to promote a holistic and natural rearing approach to canine care. Above all we believe in a species appropriate diet. RawK9Food diets are designed to include the range of tissue types and nutrient sources important to your pets. All RawK9Food diets are balanced nutritionally and supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals, using the latest knowledge from nutrition research.

Why Feed Fresh Raw Food?

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ripping, tearing and chewing meat from bone is central to the needs of a carnivore diet.Dr. Tom Lonsdale, RAW MEATY BONES.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food

    • The ripping and chewing involved in eating raw meaty bones develops the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles of the dog.
    • Chewing bones slows down the eating process considerably, making it more difficult for a dog to over-eat.
    • Puppies develop at an even rate – quick growth spurts are avoided.
    • Allergies, itching, skin infections & odor are avoided.
    • Arthritis in dogs, caused by high caloric content of commercial dog food, is prevented.
  • Low levels of carbohydrates prevents diabetes, weight gain, shortened life span symptomatic of a commercial food diet.

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